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Make Your Freelance Website a Client Magnet

Show off your best work with the only WordPress portfolio plugin made specifically for creative freelancers

Genius Portfolio Convinces Clients to Work With You—Faster

Give site visitors exactly what they’re looking for

If you’re making clients search for your samples, you’re leaving money on the table. Provide them with instant access to your most relevant work.

Set up your portfolio in minutes

Skip the stress that comes with creating a thoughtfully designed freelance portfolio website. Put a stunning page together without web design experience or coding knowledge.

Have all your work in one place

Create a complete archive of your work without confusing or overwhelming your website visitors. Organize every sample with ease.

Talented Freelancers Showcase Their Best Work With Genius Portfolio

My portfolio has been in desperate need of an update for almost three years, but I’ve been putting it off because making my portfolio the first time was such a tedious, time-consuming project. That’s why I was so excited to discover Genius Portfolio! I know nothing about tech or web design or anything like that, but the plugin couldn’t be easier to use.

Hailey H.

With Genius Portfolio, creating a portfolio for my website was SO EASY. Plus, the portfolio looks great. It’s well-organized and matches my site perfectly. When it comes to winning clients, this has proven to be a real game-changer for me.

Cosette C.

Take Your Freelance Portfolio to the Next Level

Sortable tags

Create tags to organize portfolio pieces. Visitors can quickly filter through these tags to find what they want to see.


Adding your portfolio to your website is as simple as copy and pasting a snippet of code we provide for you.

Custom options

Intuitive design options give you the power to make a portfolio you’ll be proud to display.

Mobile Responsive

Craft a portfolio page that provides the best possible experience for site visitors, no matter what device they use.

Seamless integration

Get a simple solution that’s compatible with existing WordPress themes and page builders.

Simple navIgation

Discover everything you need to add and organize portfolio items in a single dashboard.

Turn Your Freelance Portfolio Website Into a Tool That Wins You More Work